Day 1

23rd June 2022

The goal of Rocksensor India's inaugural distributor event was to bring all of its partners together, recognise and honour their sincere efforts and faith in the brand, and share the company's values, goals, and vision.
The entire development trajectory and ongoing success of a firm depend greatly on these strategic and yearly events. With this in mind, we made our way to the first distributors' meeting and assured everyone that we were and would always be by their side at every stage of the planning process and that our goal was to succeed as a team.
Well, I would like to ask the readers about the difference between a (-)1 bar and a perfect vacuum? Want to know the answer? Then why not attend Rocksensor's next distributor event? We began the event by addressing the Channel Partners, introducing ourselves, and discussing the partnership with Rocksensor and its potential. With this, we began talking about our pressure measuring devices and providing additional information on the areas of the market where they are in demand. We also answered questions about the products and their working principles, as well as their major features and their important applications.
We began with the flow measurement as the incident progressed. We ought to be aware of the flow and the basis upon which it operates. The best method for determining flow is to measure the fluid's velocity over a predetermined area. This method is more suitable for determining flow in a variety of environments as well as the difficulties in configuring the device and what enhancements can be made to meet the needs of the end-user. The customer, as the cliché goes, is ultimately the king.
After that, we discussed how to measure the level during the setup and why it's necessary. Everything has a purpose and a lesson to be learned, even the difficulties we had when setting up the device in various parts of the world and how we overcame them and used what we learned from them to deliver far better outcomes. As our program went on, we proceeded to talk about our fourth topic, temperature measurement.
We've all seen many variations of it, so Rocksesnor provided a clear insight into it, discussed their experiences, and provided a quick overview of the items, which will aid channel partners in building their confidence in the products.

Day 2

24th June 2022

The following day, Rocksensor and the Partners talked about business strategy and how they might sell the product, control the market, comprehend customer wants, and offer the best service. Sometimes the information supplied might not match the actual scenario, so we may go and cross-check it. As we continued, we reached the activity wherein we got the most active participation of the day, which was the hands-on training. This helps to learn more about our wide range of products, see things that are not obvious to the average person, correct any issues that arise during product setup, and enjoy using the products. As we learn by taking risks and making errors.
To further support our vision and increase your comfort with our product, we have developed a unique demo kit. This kit enables Partners to become more familiar with the product, better assist customers, and increase their satisfaction with the results because "Seeing is Believing." You must first respect your consumers and do your best to meet their demands if you want to gain their trust (and, subsequently, their trust). Give them the best service you can since, as we all know, it takes months to find a client but only seconds to lose one.
We proceeded further with the award ceremony session, to show support and gratitude towards each of our channel partners for their sincere efforts. With this thought in mind, we gave awards in different categories to different partners.

Stellar Business Performance:
● Gold Category: Aztec Automation
● Silver Category: Instracon LLP
● Bronze Category: EDS & Kemplast

Product Rockstar:

Pressure Measurement Process Instruments; Instracon
Flow Measurement EDS; Hi-Tech
Level Measurement
Aztec Automation; Iconiq Control; Kemplast
Temperature Measurement Process Instruments
Vortex Flowmeter Sentinel Automation