Temperature Measurement

RTM5000 Head Mount Temperature Transmitter

Isolated intelligent temperature transmitter suitable for measurement of temperature with Thermocouple or Resistance Temperature Detector.

Key Features

  • Input Type: Universal ( RTD, TC, mV, Ohms).
  • Fully Isolated.
  • In-built Nonlinear circuit correction.
  • Automatic cold junction temperature compensation.
  • Configurable through HART.


Output 4-20 mADC/ HART (Optional)
Zero & Span Adjustment Yes
Mounting Head Mount
Accuracy upto 0.1%
Supply Voltage 12 – 40 VDC
Ambient Temperature (-)40 ~ 85 ℃
Electric Isolation Upto 1.5kV AC

Key Applications

  • Power

  • Cement

  • Water supply and treatment

  • Combustion air system

  • Electrostatic

  • Precipitator

  • Desulphurization

  • De-nitrification

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