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10+ Years of Experience

Rocksensor is one of the global leaders specializing in Process Instrumentation, Research and Development, and Designing of Industrial Automation Equipment. We provide highly precise Pressure Sensors and Transmitters, Flowmeters, Level Transmitters and Temperature Transmitters with a prime focus to help our clients efficiently, safely, and economically run complex industrial processes. We also provide customised products and solutions to various OEMs/ ODMs across the Globe.


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Customers have high trust & confidence in the quality and technology of Rocksensor products.

Pressure Measurement

Gauge, Absolute, Differential & Sealed Pressure and Vacuum measurement of liquids, gases and steam using Silicon Sensors.


Measure the liquid & gas flow & density using a variety of measurement methods and technologies.


Level, Distance or Volume measurement of process medium such as solids & liquids using various innovative technologies.

Temperature Measurement

Sense & Monitor temperature of solids, liquids and gases including steam using sensors & transmitters.

Why Choose Rocksensor ?

Rocksensor has been providing Process Instrumentation, Research and solutions, by Manufacturing and delivering Industrial Automation Equipment and Instrumentation to various geographical regions across the globe. With International certifications Rocksensor ensure international quality and safety standards.

Rocksensor is a global company that provides unique and cutting-edge technology solutions for all power, process, oil and gas industries. We specialize in a flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement, while providing exemplary customer service to form a dependable and trustworthy partnership. This has helped us in attaining maximum client satisfaction and garner a rich clientele in the global market.

Featured Products


Pressure Transmitters for Nuclear Application

Pressure Transmitter

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Miniature Pressure Transmitters

Pressure Measurement

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DP Sensor

Pressure Measurement

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RF3001 DP Flowmeter

Flow Measurement

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80 GHz Compact Radar Level Transmitter

80GHz Compact Radar

Level Measurement

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Field Mount Temperature Transmitter

Temprature Measurement

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We offer a full range of customized products and services

There is no doubt that health industry, such as food, pharmaceutical, etc., has higher requirements on the material and technology of process detection equipment than traditional industrial fields. In the process monitoring of sanitary applications, such as pressure, differential pressure, liquid level, temperature and flow, Rocksensor adheres to the advanced technology and process inheritance of Swiss company, and has a complete set of solutions that meet the requirements of the health field.

At present, the maximum temperature of the measuring medium is generally within 410 ℃ on the market. When the medium temperature exceeds 410 ℃, the measuring device is easy to be damaged, which shortens the service life of the product or even directly damages it, which limits its application in some ultra-high temperature measurement occasions.With the continuous development and progress of various industries in the market, the demand for ultra-high temperature medium pressure measurement is more and more.

Coriolis mass flow meter are the leading precision flow and density measurement solution offering the most accurate and repeatable mass flow measurement for liquids, or slurry. The Coriolis flowmeters offer the most accurate measurement available for virtually any process fluid, while exhibiting exceptionally low pressure drop.

As per the market's demand and honouring our valuable customers' request, Rocksensor is glad to introduce it's new Level Transmitters range focusing on a variety of solutions for the Industrial applications.

  • Radar
  • Guided Wave Radar
  • Submersible/ Hydrostatic 
  • Ultrasonic


Now, Rocksensor India can offer Radar Level Transmitters with different frequencies & technologies:

  • Guided Wave Radar (GWR): 1.8GHz 
  • Pulse Radar:  6 GHz
  • Pulse Radar: 26 GHz
  • Frequency Modulated Continuation Wave Radar (FMCW): 80GHz

We can offer some unique and unmatched specifications which are suitable for number of applications such as in: 

  • Liquids
    • Water
    • Chemicals
    • Oils
    • Condensate Steam, many more
  • Bulk Solids
    • Coal
    • Cement
    • Gypsum Powder Clinker
    • Ores, many more


Application Industries: Rocksensor Level Transmitters can have widespread usage in following industries.

  • Water & wastewater
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemicals
  • Fertilizer
  • Pharma
  • Cement
  • Power
  • Metal & Steel, etc.)

Our Clients

We make sure that our consumer must be satisfied with our services, we listens to the clients, takes into consideration the client’s budget and makes appropriate recommendations.

Our Clients

We make sure that our consumer must be satisfied with our services, we listens to the clients, takes into consideration the client’s budget and makes appropriate recommendations.