RUF100 Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Flow Measurement

RUF100 Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Ultrasonic flowmeters, as the name suggests, are meters that use sound waves to measure flow. These meters are attached around the inside or outside of a pipe, and when activated, transmit ultrasonic waves from one side of the meter to the other. These transmitted waves are then collected and measured to determine the flow.

Key Features

  • High accuracy up to 1%

  • Wide pipe flow measurement: DN15-DN6000

  • High reliability adopting low voltage, multi-pulse radiating circuit

  • Anti-interference design with double balanced signal differential transmission

  • Powerful memory function up to 10 years with expandable storage card

  • Can be used as an Energy Meter by connecting Temperature Sensor

  • Available in Clamp-On, Insertion & In-line Sensor Type

  • Wall-mount, panel mount & explosion-proof transmitter options


PrincipleUltrasonic transit-time principle, Four-byte IEEE754 Floating-point arithmetic
TransmitterOne 4-20 mADC Output, Impedance 0-1K, 0.1% accuracy
OutputOne OCT Pulse Output (Width 6-1000ms, Default 200 ms)
InputOne Relay Output
Data Interface

Three 4-20mADC, Input accuracy 0.1%

(Can collect temperature, pressure, level signals, etc.)

Signal TransmissionCan connect with three-wire Pt100 RTD to measure Heat Flow
Applicable Pipe Material
Material1solated RS485 interface, can upgrade Flowmeter through PC, supports Modbus Up to 1000 meters over RS485 Communication/4-20 mADC
DiameterSS, MS, CS, Copper, Aluminium, PVC, FRP, etc. (Liner allowed) DN15 DN6000 mm
InstallationUpstream 10D, downstream 5D, 30D away from the pump outlet (D: Diameter)
FluidWater, Sea Water, Acid Liquid, Beer, Alcohol, Oil & any other liquid that can spread sonic
Turbidity10,000 ppm (with limited bubbles)
Velocity0 ~ +32 m/s
Operating Environment
TemperatureTransmitter: -20~60° C; Transducer: -30-160° C
HumidityTransmitter: 85%RH
Transmitter Protection GradeIP68 (Water depth <2m)
Power Supply8-36 VDC or 85 265 VAC
Power Consumption1.5W

Key Applications

  • Effluent treatment plants
  • Oil & Gas, Water
  • Compressors
  • Pumps

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