Effective Monitoring of
Sand Storage Silos in Foundry


Real-time monitoring of Sand Silo level, particularly in the foundry the segment is challenging for the required quality of mold efficiently and cost-effectively.

Green Sand, Dry sand and Back sand are monitored and controlled for the levels in respective Storage Silos.
Traditional YoYo-type mechanical silo indicators have extensive downtimes due to repetitive tape breaking and the weight getting stuck at silo outlets.


Rocksensor Model RLT 6900L Radar Level Transmitter with Lens Antenna is an appropriate solution for this application.
Non-contact type low beam angle Radar technology from Rocksensor is proven to measure the level in storage silos for automation.

About RLT6900 Radar Level Transmitter

The RLT6900 with lens antenna is a radar sensor with swiveling holder for continuous measurement of bulk solids under difficult process conditions. The sensor is ideal for level measurement in large silos and piles. With air cleaning design it enables to acquire accurate measurement under extremely dusty conditions.

Key Features

• IsoLens technology. Isolated emitting and receiving signal enable full range measurement

• Measurement Range: 0~120m

• Unaffected by buildup, dust and noise

• High accuracy: ±2mm

• 3° beam angle for precise targeting

The Ultimate benefits to the foundry end users are Trouble-free, accuracy, and repeatability in level measurement for Silo inventory management efficiently and with Zero breakdowns compared to old mechanical YoYo-type level indicators.

Effective Monitoring of Sand Storage Silos in Foundry

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