Thermal Mass Flowmeter for Compressed Air

What is Compressed Air?

Compressed air is the air that is pressurized to greater than atmospheric pressure. It is exactly the same as the air that you breathe only it has been forced to a smaller volume and kept under pressure.

Compressed air is safe to use, easy to store and has many versatile uses.

Product Description

Thermal mass flow meters, also known as thermal dispersion or immersible mass flow meters comprise a family of instruments for the measurement of the total mass flow rate of a fluid, primarily gases, flowing through closed conduits.

The thermal gas mass flow meter is designed on the basis of thermal dispersion and adopts the method of constant differential temperature to measure gas flow. It has advantages of small size, easy installation, high reliability, and high accuracy, etc.


Working Principle

In a thermal mass flowmeter, part of the fluid flows through a bypass, or shunt, sensor tube. The process fluid is heated and the flowmeter measures the temperature of the fluid at resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) located upstream and downstream of the meter.

The temperature variation (change in temperature between the two points upstream and downstream of the meter) is inversely proportional to mass flow rate.

Benefits to the User

They are easy to install

Insertion type Thermal Mass Flow Meters are adjustable & programmable with pipe diameters whereas the Inline type is for specified pipe size.

High Turndown Ratio

A high turndown ratio of at least 100:1 means the meter accurately and repeatedly measures a substantially greater range of flow rates over other flowmeter technologies.

Unaffected by Pressure variation 

Since the thermal mass flow meter counts molecules, pressure variations do not impact the measurement.  

Low-Pressure Drop

The sensor and probe have a minimal physical obstruction in the pipe; therefore, it has an extremely low-pressure drop.

No moving parts

Thermal meters have no moving parts. Instead, the technology relies on the heat transfer passing a pair of resistance temperature detectors consisting of a stable platinum wound sensor protected with a SS sheath.

Easy to Install

The thermal flow meter is easy to install due to no moving parts.

Extraordinary repeatability

Thermal mass flow meters offer extraordinary repeatability and reproducibility and require minor maintenance over a broad flow range.

Uses & Applications

Thermal mass flowmeters save operators money in a variety of applications, including natural gas measurement, energy management, compressed air flow measurement, natural gas submetering, anaerobic digestion wastewater treatment, atmospheric storage tank vents, biogas measurement, carbon credit trading, flare gas measurement, flue gas monitoring, ethanol production, greenhouse gas reporting, landfill gas monitoring, manure, or methane digestion & wastewater aeration flow, and wastewater treatment odor control. 

Thermal mass flowmeters increase productivity, reduce energy costs, and maximize product yields.

Thermal Mass Flowmeter for Compressed Air

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