Flow Transmitters

Flow Transmitters

RTCM-RUF Open Channel Flowmeter

Key Features

  • Suitable for Wide Variety of Liquids
  • Mounted above the Surface to be monitored
  • Accuracy: ±1mm
  • Beam Angle 8°
  • Temperature Compensation: Integral
  • Relays Output: 2 relay outputs(Optional up to 6 relays)


  • Range upto 4m
  • Blind zone 0.20m
  • Suitable for Weirs and Flumes, Suitable for a variety of weirs and flumes, Parshall flumes (ISO), Right angle triangle weir, Rectangular weir
  • Power Supply: 24VDC/ 220 VAC
  • Cable Length 10m standard (can be extended to 1000m)
  • Communication: RS-485
  • Relay options
  • Sensor Material: ABS/ PVC/ PTFE
  • IP Protection: IP68

Key Applications

  • Water Treatment plant
  • Chemical Industries
  • Natural Water Resources

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