RP1001 Remote Seal Differential Pressure Transmitter with Capillary

DPT With Diaphragm Seal

RP1001 Remote Seal Differential Pressure Transmitter with Capillary

The Remote Seal Differential Pressure Transmitter is suitable to measure liquid, gas, or steam flow as well as liquid level, density and pressure.

Remote Seal Pressure Transmitter is used to prevent the medium in the pipeline from directly entering the pressure sensor component of the differential pressure transmitter. It uses a filling fluid such as silicone oil to transfer pressure.

Key Features

  • Isolating Diaphragm : SS316L, Hastelloy C, Gold Plated on SS316L, FEP plated on SS316L, Tantalum, Monel.
  • Filling Fluid : Silicone Oil, High Temperature Silicone Oil, Ultra High, Temperature Silicone Oil, Vegetable Oil.
  • High temperature upto 450°C.
  • With Lightning protection.


  • Flange size : DN50, DN80, DN100.
  • Flange Rating : ANSI: 150 psi to 600 psi & DIN: PN 1.6MPa~PN 10MPa.
  • Capillary Length : 0 – 12 m/customized.
  • With PVC protective coating capillary.
  • Housing: Aluminum with epoxy resin coat/Stainless Steel.

Key Applications

  • Oil and Gas sector, Chemicals, Cement, Power, Metal, Water, Pulp and Paper, Pharmaceutical, Others (Agriculture, Fertilizer, Textiles, Plastics and HVAC)

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