RUL11XX Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Non Contact Type Measurement

RUL11XX Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Ultrasonic level transmitter is mounted on the top of the tank and transmits an ultrasonic pulse down into the tank.The transmitter measures the time delay between the transmitted and received echo signal and the on-board microprocessor calculates the distance to the liquid surface using the formula.

Key Features

  • Measuring range upto 20 meters.
  • Frequency upto 60kHz.
  • With 4 digit LCD Display.
  • Beam angle upto 3°.


  • Accuracy: ±0.25%(full range).
  • Resolution: 1mm.
  • Repeatability: ±3 mm.
  • Ambient Temperature: (-20~70) deg C.
  • Housing material: Plastic (PBT) / Die cast aluminium.
  • Output: 4~20 mA / HART.
  • Damping time: 0~30 s adjustable.

Key Applications

  • Water, Power, Cement.

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