RP1005 Multi-parameter Differential Pressure Transmitter

Differential Pressure

RP1005 Multi-Parameter DP Transmitter

Multi-parameter Differential Pressure Transmitter is used to measure the mass flow and differential pressure of liquid, gas or steam.

Key Features

  • Range Limit : 0~30bar.
  • Accuracy : ±0.075%, ±0.1%.
  • Isolating Diaphragm : SS316L, Hastelloy C, Tantalum, SS316L Gold plated, SS316L coated FEP, Tantalum.
  • Filling Fluid : Silicone oil/Fluorinated oil.


  • Stability : ±0.15%URL /10 years.
  • Working Pressure : Upto 40MPa.
  • Housing: Aluminum with epoxy resin coat.
  • Output : 2-wire 4 ~ 20 mADC & HART output.
  • Power Supply : 24V DC.

Key Applications

  • Oil and Gas sector, Chemicals, Cement, Power, Metal, Water, Pulp and Paper, Pharmaceutical, Others (Agriculture, Fertilizer, Textiles, Plastics and HVAC)

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