Contact Type Measurement

Contact Type Measurement

RLT6900P Radar Level Transmitter with plastic horn

The RLT6900P with plastic horn antenna is a radar sensor for continuous level measurement of bulk solid. It is particularly suitable for level measurement in small silos and bunkers. It is  an economical solution thanks to the simple setup and the reliable, maintenance-free operation.


Key Features

  • Measurement Range: 0~70m.
  • IsoLens technology. Isolated emitting and receiving signal enable full range measurement.
  • Unaffected by buildup,dust and noise.
  • 3° beam angle for precise targeting.


  • Sensor Type: Plastic horn.
  • Accuracy: ±2mm.
  • Frequency: 80GHz.
  • Output: 4~20 mADC/ HART.
  • Wireless; GPRS; Wireless C Mesh. Power Input: 24VDC/220VAC (2 wire or 4 wire).
  • Working Pressure: -1 bar ~ 2 bar.
  • Sensor Body: PTFE/PP.
  • Protection: IP67, Explosion proof.
  • Process temperature: -40° ~ 130° C.
  • Process connection: Thread/Flange. With LCD display.

Key Applications

  • Bulk solid, high silos, large bunkers etc.

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