RLT6400R Radar Level Transmitter PTFE/PP Probe

Non Contact Type Measurement

RLT6400R Radar Level Transmitter PTFE/PP Probe

The RLT6400R with rod antenna is a radar sensor for continuous level measurement of aggressive liquids in small vessels and under simple process conditions. It’s an economic solution.

Key Features

  • Measurement Range: 0~30m.
  • Process temperature: -40° ~ 200° C.
  • Chemical-resistant for long-lasting performance.
  • Unaffected by vapor, condensation and noise.


  • Accuracy: ±2mm.
  • Beam angle: 3 deg/7 deg.
  • Frequency: 80GHZz.
  • Output: 4~20 mADC/ HART.
  • Wireless; GPRS; Wireless C Mesh.
  • Power Input: 24VDC/220VAC (2 wire or 4 wire).
  • Working Pressure: -1 bar ~ 2 bar.
  • Sensor Body: PTFE/PFA.
  • Protection: IP67, Explosion proof.
  • Process connection: Thread/Flange.
  • With LCD display.

Key Applications

  • Storage containers, reactors or process vessels etc.

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