Wireless Infrared Level Transmitter

Wireless Infrared Level Transmitter RLT-60IR

Remote level data directly from your silos and tanks, using self-powered, low-energy &
contact-less Rocksensor technology.

Key Features

  • Contactless measurements using optical ToF technology
  • Low-power, over the air data transmission (LoRaWAN)
  • Battery-powered


  • Optimal for small to large silos (0.5 to 60 m range)
  • Minimal installation efforts.Fast, cable free installation
  • Comes with software for easy setup on Windows / Linux / Mac OS.
  • IP65 enclosure

Key Applications

  • Agriculture silos (e.g animal feed, grains, beans, pellets)
  • Production silos (e.g. raw materials, aggregates)
  • Liquid silo (e.g fluids, fuel, oils, chemical substances)
  • Water Management Rainwater, treatment plants
  • Energy Fuel, pellets sensor arrays
  • Construction Cement, sand, salt, stones sensor arrays
  • Waste Management Municipality bins, recycling

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