Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Analytical Instruments

CFM-DO1/3 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Measured by Fluorescence Method. The top of the sensor is covered with a layer of fluorescent material. When the blue light emitted by the sensor irradiates the fluorescent material, the fluorescent material is excited to emit red light.

Key Features

  • Optical type dissolved oxygen sensor, an intelligent online chemical analyzer.
  • Various installation methods
  • Measuring range = Dissolved oxygen: (0~20)mg/L or 0~200% saturation; Temperature: (0~45)℃ with automatic temperature compensation
  • Measurement accuracy = Dissolved oxygen: ±3% of the measured value or ±0.3 mg/L, choose the greater one.; Temperature: ±0.5℃


  • Power supply: (9~28)VDC
  • Communication protocol: MODBUS RS485
  • Storage temperature:(-15~60)℃
  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Ingress protection: IP68/NEMA6P

Key Applications

  • Sewage treatment plant conditioning tank
  • Biochemical pool
  • Water works
  • Surface water
  • Aquaculture

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